Patience, humility, and baking

June 20, 2020


Activation, formation, the proof and the rise, and the bake.

The yeast will do what it wants. Maybe you used too much sugar. Maybe too little. Maybe the water was too hot. Maybe not hot enough. Maybe you should have let it sit longer. Maybe you should have used more salt, more oil. Should you knead it longer or is it time to prove? Didn't it rise faster the last time? Didn't it rise higher? Isn't the outside cooking too fast? If you take it out now, will it be doughy?

You have to wait till it's baked to really know. Just like everybody else.

The generations it took to discover fire and grain and mills and yeast and ovens. You are just an artifact of their epistemic momentum.

Breathe. Keep stirring. Believe.